Christ Apostolic Church Gilgal International Mannheim
Christ Apostolic ChurchGilgal International Mannheim

Welcome to Christ Apostolic Church in Mannheim.

Welcome to Christ Apostolic Church in Mannheim.

We are a pentecostal church preaching the gospel of Christ and his second comming.


Since 1999 we have been a constant community in Mannheim. CAC is an African Church for all nations/ anyone who is interested in the word of Christ.

In Germany we are located in Mannheim, St. Augustin, Aachen and Münster.


You are welcome to join us.



Church Council

We are the Church Council of Christ Apostoilic Church Mannheim.


Here you find all programmes of our Church.

From Service over Sunday School, Choir Practice, Prayer meeting, Night virgil, Grill Party, Annivensary etc.

The Lord ​is good, all the time

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